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A new logo for the Edmonton Historical Board

January 8, 2019

The Edmonton Historical Board supports a wide breadth of historical architectural preservation, and although we generally prefer our logomarks to communicate an idea with one item, it was a challenge to use just one building to represent this given a wide variety in architectural styles to preserve.


Working with Curio: Open Minds and Open Communication

December 5, 2018

Virtually everybody involved in design (clients and creatives) will have an idea of what they expect the final result to look like, and this vision will be coloured by each person’s experiences, preferences, and opinions. This is why, before Curio develops any design, we write a brief to keep everyone in check throughout the project. Framing feedback with the creative brief in mind makes it less about whether you like pink or yellow and more about what the design is going to do for your organization.


Illustration for the Northern Light Theatre 2017-18 Season

January 8, 2019

For our 14th (!) collaboration with Northern Light Theatre on materials for their 42nd season, the client came to us with a great idea: expanding on the season’s theme of “The Virgin, The Whore, and Something In Between”, they suggested that we incorporate an illustrated style into this theme which touches on religion in direct and indirect ways by playing on the style of Russian Orthodox iconography. The approach is somewhat controversial, but so are the pieces that NLT routinely elects to produce.

design illustration

Tools of the Trade

December 6, 2018

Digital printing techniques have become increasingly sophisticated, but the process still owes much to the handiwork that defines the craft. Tools of the Trade celebrates the tangible nature of the printed format, utilizing techniques that are both contemporary and traditional. A custom Black wrapper – printed in white ink, and sealed with a custom sticker –… Take a look

Working with Curio: A Clear Approval Process

November 23, 2018

A good client is naturally very invested in the design process. When many people become invested, however, the process can become drawn-out, and the result can easily devolve to a diluted imitation of the original vision. To keep this from happening to you, we suggest establishing a clear approval process (i.e. having the ultimate decision-maker… Take a look


Working with Curio: Project Timelines

November 16, 2018

Different clients have different projects, and different projects have different timelines. To a great extent, our success depends on being as respectful as possible of our clients’ time, and that means being as precise as possible with regards to scheduling. Early in the planning process, we will work with you to establish a realistic timeline… Take a look


Working with Curio: Asset Requirements

November 9, 2018

Great design is the result of a million little things done right. Vector logo files. 300 dpi photography. Content that is approved and finalized. All of this may or may not be in your wheelhouse, and regardless, we’re happy to explain in further detail (or to work with your writers, designers, and photographers directly). If… Take a look


Working with Curio: A Healthy Relationship

November 2, 2018

Whether we’re just getting to know you or we’ve gotten along famously for years, Curio wants to be a good friend to our client. To know what makes you unique and special. To be honest and dutiful. And to visually show the world how amazing you are. Of course, we realize it takes time to… Take a look


Working with Curio

October 29, 2018

Over the years, we have worked on countless design projects. The Working with Curio booklet shares the tips we have learned along the way that help a project to be both successful and enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether you are new to collaborating with a design team or this is a familiar process, we’re so… Take a look

Animation client feature illustration

Alberta Airshed Council Animation

October 11, 2018

The Alberta Airsheds Council is a government organization whose mandate is to monitor and improve the quality of air in the province. Part of their mandate also includes educating the public on the importance of their role. Curio assisted them with scripting and animating an educational video, aimed at elementary-aged children. It outlines what the… Take a look

client feature design illustration

Royal Alberta Museum – Footprints

October 2, 2018

This project is a whimsical representation of Alberta animal species. The Royal Alberta museum commissioned Curio to create footprint illustrations of different animal footprints to run along the floor of the Children’s museum. We worked closely with the RAM team to develop sizing that is accurate to the paw print and stride of each animal…. Take a look

client feature illustration

Royal Alberta Museum – Trees & Grains

This project celebrates the tree and grain species in Alberta, Canada. The Royal Alberta Museum commissioned Curio to develop a series of tree and grain illustrations for the children’s museum. These illustrations are placed within an interactive exhibition where patrons can examine and touch a corresponding tree trunk or observe a tube of dried grains.