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They Came from the Logo Graveyard (Part I)

Just about every logo you’ve ever seen has a few “undead” counterparts—logo concepts that were not chosen by the client and relegated to the Logo Graveyard [SFX: shrieking heard in the distance].

At Curio, we TRY not to spend a lot of time moping about our own Graveyard. But sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

Please join us in a Celebration of Self-Indulgence as we present a few logo concepts that just didn’t make the cut. Welcome to the first edition of “THEY CAME FROM THE LOGO GRAVEYARD!”

[Note: In each of the slideshows below, the logo the client chose appears first and in black. The “undead” logos appear on the next slides, in grey.]

Athabasca University Press

Athabasca University is Canada’s leading online university, and, since 2007, the AU Press has published over 120 peer-reviewed books!

Edmonton Historical Board

The Edmonton Historical Board advises the City Council of Edmonton, providing information and recommendations relating to Edmonton’s history (specifically concerning the city’s built heritage).

Crawford Block (Beljan Development)

Beljan Development is cementing their reputation for future-forward urban spaces in Edmonton, such as their 2018 conversion of Old Strathcona’s historic Crawford Block into stylish micro-apartments.

Edmonton Riverboat

The Edmonton Riverboat (52 metres long with a capacity of 399 passengers), first set sail as the Edmonton Queen in 1995, later to be purchased, upgraded, and rebranded in 2015.

Paper Bunny Studios

Paper Bunny Studios is the love-labour of Edmonton photographer Rina Chan, who specializes in creating family albums that combine photography with illustrations and graphic design.

Stay tuned for future editions of THEY CAME FROM THE LOGO GRAVEYARD.

In the meantime, please drop us a line anytime if Curio can possibly be of service to you!

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