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About - Curio Studio


20 years in, our team continues to deliver unique graphic design via our illustrator-led creative process and one-on-one client service.

Curio is Edmonton’s premiere graphic design studio, delivering agency-level work with small-team ingenuity and agility for over 20 years.

Over this time, we have honed our abilities in design and client service to deliver stunning graphic solutions, always on-time and in-line with your budget.

Our designers are trained illustrators who work directly with our clients. We create custom concepts from scratch, then collaborate to refine those concepts, ensuring client goals are built into the DNA of the design.

The final results are always polished and professional, but imbued with remarkable character and personality.

Though we specialize in illustration, branding, and digital design, we are constantly expanding our abilities into such areas as package design, copywriting, and animation.

Curious to see what we can do for you? Please get in touch with Amanda Schutz, Owner and Creative Director, at or at (780) 809-2221. If you’re in the market for creative projects that celebrate what makes your brand truly unique, we are already excited to meet you.

The Curio Team

Amanda Schutz

Creative Director

Amanda Schutz loves to grow things — in her garden, in the design industry, and in her community. As the founder and creator director at Curio Studio, Amanda planted the seeds of kindness and creativity that have grown into a successful design studio. Between client projects, she profiles her peers on the Canadian Women in Design website, indulges a healthy obsession with lichen, loves to paint, and loves to parent. Amanda has taught design & illustration at her alma mater, MacEwan University, and is a two-term past president of the Graphic Designers of Canada, Alberta North Chapter.

Graham Johnson

Senior Designer

Graham has an insatiable appetite for potato chips, mouth-watering design, and heaping helpings of time spent with his adoring family. After a brief foray into science, Graham discovered a passion for design. He graduated from MacEwan University’s Design & Illustration program in 2003, and co-founded Edmonton music label Pop Echo Records a year later. Graham joined the Curio team in 2015, where he’s famous for sharing good food, good ideas, and good advice.

Matt Steringa

Communications and Development

Matt Steringa is not the Moon; he is the finger pointing to the moon. The moon in this case is Curio Studio. The analogy works if you’re deprived of oxygen. Point being: Matt is not a designer, but he is ecstatic to promote the work of Curio with the skills he’s picked up in his 20+ year career in marketing, communications, sales, and respiratory therapy(?)(!). Matt’s work with Curio is in copywriting, business development, marketing, odds, sods, and anything else that no reasonable person should ever care about. Per his contract, he has no interests outside of work.

An illustration of Jayden with some of her many scarves, books, cats, and spooky ephemera

Jayden Fandrick


Jayden is a nerd first and foremost: Expect obscure dinosaur facts and a variety of references to music and literature when in her presence. This enigmatic scarf creature is 32 flavours and then some, and this shows in her work. She delights in exploring new avenues of design and finds purpose in working with others to bring their creative visions to life. She is the newest of the Curios and a recent graduate of the University of Alberta.