An Animated Discussion

Should your organization invest in animated graphics?

In digital marketing circles, video is having a moment—one that’s lasted years with no signs of slowing:

  • A 2020 survey by Wyzowl states that 93% of marketers say video is an important part of their strategy

  • Zenith Media estimates that in 2021, the average person will watch more than 100 minutes of online video (up from 67 minutes in 2018)

  • CustomerThink claims that animated video marketing is expected to become the most effective digital marketing trend in 2021

That’s terrific news for animators and videographers, but if you’re wondering if your organization could use more motion in your marketing mix, consider the following:

Motion catches the eye better than static images.
(Curio client: Lakeland Industry & Community Association)

This is a reflex we owe to our species’ early days as slow and squishy savannah survivalists. Over millennia, our brains and eyes became finely-tuned to detect threat and opportunity. Today, eye-tracking studies prove that people spend more time looking at moving graphics more than any other element on a screen. 

(Curio client: Alberta Airshed Council)

The modern-day attention hunter has a powerful weapon in video (and particularly in animation video), for a number of very good reasons:

Video is Memorable

When we hear information, we can recall only about 10% of it three days later; when coupled with a relevant moving image, we recall 65% more of that information over the same time span

Video is Shareable

Attention is currency in the digital world—this is why the majority of internet traffic is made up of video, and why social media users are more likely to share video than any other content.

(Curio client: Shumka Dance Centre of Edmonton)
Video is Bankable

Ragan Communications tells us that 64 percent of consumers who watch a video are more likely to purchase a product. 

A great example of the ROI on video was when file-hosting giant Dropbox leapt to market supremacy in the 2010s (garnering increased revenues of $48 million) by adding an animated explainer video to their homepage.

Well before their heyday, Dropbox understood the particular advantages of illustrated animation (versus live) video, namely:

Animation is Customizable

Animation gives you more control over the appearance of your subject, your story, and your brand than a simple video can. You decide how to use colours, images, language, and tone, with an end result that’s far better at imparting your brand’s personality. 

Animation is Versatile

Besides explainer videos, animated graphics are being used for a growing number of applications online. From motion graphics to ads to loading pages to animated logos, animation is helping canny companies of all sizes get noticed in the crowded marketplace.

(Curio client: Alberta Dental Association and College)

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