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They Came from the Logo Graveyard (Part II)

The life of a Curio logo concept can be nasty, brutish, and short. This is probably because the members of our design team are more like mama frogs than, say, mama orangutans.

Stay with me.

From the first moment we’re tasked designing with a logo, we start sketching out rough concepts. Ever wonder what happened to those kids in grade school who filled up every inch of their trapper keeper with doodles? That was us!

Above: Some early sketched concepts for the Curio Studio logo (circa 2015)

Logo concepts flow from pencil to paper, then get picked through and scrutinized by the whole team to decide which are cleanest, most appealing, and most effective in communicating the client’s brand.

Like tadpoles, fewer and fewer of those concepts survive to maturity, and only a few get presented to the client. The client chooses the logo that works best for them, and all the other concepts get turfed.

But, like mama orangutans, we can be pretty precious about our logo babies—so we hope you’ll forgive a little self-indulgence as we present some logo ideas that we loved, but which never quite made the cut.

Little Bear Gelato

Little Bear Gelato is the full-time hustle of French ex-pat and confection auteur Franck Bouihol. Naming his gelateria after his son’s nickname, Franck asked Curio to create branding and packaging to match the whimsy and the quality he puts into every spoonful of his gelato.

Alberta Made

In 2014, the Alberta Legislative Assembly Office welcomed proposals for a logo concept for their “Alberta Made” retail shop (featuring works from Alberta-based artists). SHOCKINGLY, none of the above comps were selected, but though we were initially disappointed, we’ve chalked it up to the nature of competing in the huge creative talent pool in this province!

Christy Dean Photography

Christy Dean is the best photographer out there, and you should give her all your money.

Theory Nutrition

Sylvia Pasmore began her career arc as a Pharmacist, eventually realizing her extensive talents and knowledge could be better applied to helping people prevent chronic disease through better nutrition. With a new career as a Holistic Nutritionist, she founded Theory Nutrition to help others reach obtainable, sustainable, and beneficial health goals through better eating.

Mackenzie Agriculture

Mackenzie Agriculture

The sun shines for 19 hours in the summertime in Mackenzie County; cold winters destroy nearly all crop-threatening pests. The region spans over 80,000 square kilometres of arable land, making it the largest agriculture zone in Canada. To promote the region as a destination for opportunistic organic farmers, the County welcomed Curio to create an identity that would tie together the many exciting initiatives of MacKenzie Agriculture.

Stay tuned for future editions of THEY CAME FROM THE LOGO GRAVEYARD.

In the meantime, please drop us a line anytime if Curio can possibly be of service to you!

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