A new logo for the Edmonton Historical Board

The Edmonton Historical Board supports a wide breadth of historical architectural preservation, and although we generally prefer our logomarks to communicate an idea with one item, it was a challenge to use just one building to represent this given a wide variety in architectural styles to preserve. As such, a number of types of buildings have been interpreted for this mark: A Craftsman-style home, a Gothic Revival-style church, and an Edwardian-style commercial building, which combine to show this range quite nicely.

The layering, strong shadow, and bold-line styles of the mark take these architectural cues and give them a more contemporary and accessible, which speaks to what the board is working on today. The font was chosen for its vintage-style signage character, another reference to preservation of design.

The client decided that they liked the logo best in black and white, so we left it that way, and added a vintage-y colour palette for building other materials for the brand. 


Edmonton Historical Board


Graham Johnson


  • Logo design
  • Visual identity guidelines
  • Brand collateral
  • Stationery package
  • Print/marketing materials

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