client feature illustration

2017 Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

One of the largest street performance festivals in the world, The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival happens every summer downtown in the city’s Churchill Square. With this year’s event coinciding with Canada’s 150th anniversary, we thought it would be appropriate to capture the breadth of Canadian culture, and the fun of the Street Performers Festival, with lively, varied illustrations of all sorts of people from all sorts of places, from Canada and beyond!

The tagline “From Eh to Zed” gives the “everything from A to Z(ee)” phrase a blatantly Canadian spin. The illustration showcases a crowd of people, with hand drawn ink illustrations of many of the actual — and very Canadian — acts that perform at the festival. The Hockey Circus Show, where Paz juggles on-fire hockey sticks; Sharon Mahoney, decked out in a red Canada sweat suit; Rhythm Speaks, the aboriginal hip hop dance group; and many others you would be bummed to miss out on (there’s always next year!).

Each of the illustrations of the performers was drawn out as a full character’s body and compiled together to create the final poster illustration. Depending on the application, certain characters would be pulled out and used separately or alone on various materials.

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