Prairie Pigeon Patisserie

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Prairie Pigeon Patisserie is owned by Genia Rodnyansky, an Edmonton-based pastry chef. She founded her business in 2016 after studying with renowned pastry chefs in Paris, France. Genia sought to distinguish her business, focusing on a higher-end customer, offering artful pastries at markets and boutique events.

Genia came to Curio looking for a logo and branding that would not only break her into the local food market but also share her personal story and passion for pastry. The company name is nod to her roots (Prairies in Alberta) and shared species of bird between two countries.

Curio designed a typographic logo that take visual cues from vintage hand-painted Parisian signage, giving it a feel that looks backwards to tradition as well as forward in its more contemporary treatment. This retooling reflects the individual character of Prairie Pigeon, a refined and elegant product infused with its own personality.


Colour Palette


A prairie land and sky colour palette and a support pattern of pigeons and wheat (and fleur-de-lis pigeon tracks!) has a mock-couture feel, which is fitting for these elegant pastries and pates de fruits. Building this brand further, we developed business cards, packaging sticker system, signage, and even a social media avatar. We also designed customizable menu templates for Genia to easily update her ever-changing menus for pop up events and farmers markets.

The results

The branding and signage gave Prairie Pigeon presence at markets, and demand for them is high, with their products regularly selling out. Using gorgeous photography and process sketches of her new products, Genia has also gained a substantial following on social media.

The Curio team is absolutely amazing! Not only are they incredibly talented at what they do, but they are also awesome people that you’ll just want to work with. I appreciated that the Curio team guided me through the whole branding process and I always knew what to expect. They were incredibly patient and willing to rework concepts to make sure I was 100% happy. They always made me feel like they were genuinely excited to work on my brand and the branding that came out of the process is a perfect for Prairie Pigeon.”

Genia Rodnyansky, Owner,
Prairie Pigeon Patisserie

How is Curio versatile in brand application?

You’ve hired our firm to take special care and attention with all the details. Curio is obsessed with quality, ensuring the expression of the logo and collateral is aligned with the personality of your brand. We are capable of designing a compelling billboard or a Twitter icon with the same polished consistency. Whether it’s an ad campaign, print brochure or web application, our job is to seize that opportunity and communicate the overall tone of your brand.


Prairie Pigeon Pâtisserie


Graham Johnson


  • Logo design | Visual identity guidelines | Brand collateral | Stationery packages | Signage/wayfinding | Print/marketing materials

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