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Vanessa Marshall notices hair. She notices the endless variety of hair-care products available on the market currently. She notices the difference between a superior and an inferior hair-care product (and how much that difference matters to just about everyone). 

She’s also noticed that, a lot of the time, empty shampoo bottles get sent to the landfill. 

This was her inspiration to create Jack59, a line of high-end shampoos and conditioners available in a compact, earth-friendly bar form. Every bar sold means less plastic waste, and every new customer means wider global impact.

To attract a larger audience, Vanessa approached Curio to give the Jack59 brand a complete makeover to boost its in-store shelf appeal and to attract wholesale investors. Being fans of the company, the planet, and a challenge, we took to it immediately. 

The logo

From the start, we knew we needed the Jack59 logo to make a bold impression on the consumer. With scrutinized dozens of letterforms to find the right one to stand out while matching the brand’s personality. We conceived the overall shape of the logo to fit any application, whether scaled up for signage, surrounded by other elements, or shrunk down to a social media icon.

The visual library

To lend more personality to Jack59’s visual identity, we started by using traditional art supplies. We developed a series of abstract surface patterns with ink, ensuring that each blob and brushstroke was fluid and unique. By pairing these patterns with a fresh colour palette, we began building a versatile visual library for Jack59’s promo and packaging.

Colour Palette


I highly recommend the team at Curio Studio. Their creative genius is unparalleled and ahead of market trends.

I often get asked who does our branding, and I am always proud to say Curio Studio.”

Vanessa Marshall
Owner, Jack59

The results

Today, Jack59 products present distinctly with beauty and whimsy on retail shelves, in print advertising, in online shops, and on social media.




Graham Johnson, Amanda Schutz


  • Logo design | Visual identity guidelines | Brand collateral | Social Media packages | Print/marketing materials

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