Alberta Airshed Council

Alberta Airsheds Council (AAC) is a partnership of Alberta’s Airsheds and provides leadership in support of healthy air quality for Albertans and the environment. AAC operates over 70 air monitoring stations across Alberta in compliance with all provincial and federal standards.

Curio has and continues to collaborate with AAC and Moreso Projects on a variety of animated and print products. Illustrative animations cover topics like ‘what is an Airshed?’, wildfire smoke, air quality health index (AQHI), and health risks of polluted air. Print products are bundled together as downloadable ‘kits’, empowering teachers and advocates to share information to schools, business and communities.


Alberta Airshed Council


Rachel Beyer


  • Brand Collateral
  • Print/marketing materials
  • Illustration
  • Animation

Additional Credits

Project management: MoreSo Projects
Animation: Rachel Beyer
Illustration: Rachel Beyer
Narration: Christy Dean
Sound design: John Blerot