Illustrated Web Comic for the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Alberta’s largest union with more than 95,000 members, is celebrating 100 years of standing together in solidarity with workers’ rights. In 1919, the Civil Service Association of Alberta, AUPE’s predecessor, was founded, representing provincial government workers. The union we know as as AUPE was born in 1976, and since then the union has grown to become the province’s largest and most diverse, with members working in government, health care, education, and boards, agencies and local governments.

We’re happy to feature a big project launched last Friday, the AUPE web comic! The web comic series explores themes and watershed moments from AUPE’s history.

We developed one of the six comics in the series, specifically featuring ‘It’s Who We Are: Stories of Union Involvement’. Other talented illustrators (Emily Chu, Andrew Benson, Catherine Dubois, Olivia Smreciu and Linda Yan) developed the other chapters of the web comic. Such a great project overall and we hope to do more comics in the future!

Read about the project by visiting the AUPE Comics website.


Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE)


Amanda Schutz

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